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 Why the "U" in Global CommUnity Associates  
This person has influenced me like no other on this planet.
This person listens to my every word with no judgement.
This person represents what a support system looks like.
This person has shown me what the The 4 CornerStones are.
This person has shown me that listening is the prerequisite to Perpetual Learning.
This person has taught me what loyalty is.
This person is the coldest hustler I know.
This person is GRACE
This person is LOVE
This person is SERVICE
This person is Arthur & Shirley Jackson.

I have been able to sit and learn from these two people my entire life. They have never lied to me. They have never shown me anything inconsistent with what they say. I have never met any one like this unit. When you think of one you think of the other. When I say I love one, I am saying I love the other.

They have been married for 48 years. That says a lot. They are honored and respected no matter where I go and people know them. It is not my objective to put them on a pedestal. It is my objective to tell my truth.

UNITY is what they have been modeling my whole life. As I am now a father and in adulthood I am really realizing the value they have added to my existence. Looking at the family dynamics (40-50% divorce rate) I am really realizing how honored I am to have what they provided for me and my siblings. I never knew anything different from that existence. Arthur & Shirley afforded me that opportunity.

I am saying all of this to say how much I appreciate my parents. They are the reason why my foundation is The 4 CornerStones. They embody each one of them. 1. Perpetual Learning 2. Truth 3. Common Values 4. Progress.


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