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 Patience Will Give You Perspective  
I was taught, "Nothing is sometimes the best thing to do and almost always the best thing the say." There are many different ways this can be taken. From my perspective, I see this as meaning that patience will give you perspective. I have been in many different situations in my life where after the fact I realize that had I taken my time and just waited the end result could have been totally different.

When you come from the perspective of Knowledge which is the CornerStone of Perpetual Learning then with intentional will you attempt to learn what you can from the situation. In that attempt there are three key components:

1. Suspend judgement
2. Listen
3. Ask about what you don`t understand.

When those 3 components are executed then patience can be created. suspension of judgement creates space in time. Listening also gives pause and time for a noticeable change can take place. Asking about what you are unclear on also broadens your perspective.

Patience will allow you to objectively look at what is in front of you. Change is instantaneous so take your time. The Universe works for YOU!!

1. Perpetual Learning
2. Truth
3. Common Values
4. Progress


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