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The mission of Global CommUnity Associates programing is to create a safe spaces for the facilitation of self development of the Global CommUnity.

Global CommUnity Associates specializes in:

1. Program Creation
2. Program Development
3. Program Implementation

Global CommUnity Associates specializes in youth developmental programming that fosters growth in the participants mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Our focus is on the whole person. Participating in our programming youth will produce measurable results in the 4 Areas of Engagement which span the academic, self awareness, socio-emotional, and healthy lifestyles and life choices. These objectives are aligned with the 4 CornerStones of Engagement.

Global CommUnity Associates co-creates culture and strengthens the impact of YOUR mission.

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College Readiness, Higher Education, Career Readiness


College Readiness, Higher Education, Career Readiness
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